While the Social Justice Coordinating Committee does not DO social justice per se (although all committee members participate in other community work) our function is to keep People’s people informed of many opportunities available to our members who wish to live out UU values in the community. This Update is one way our congregation is made aware of our ongoing involvement.

By our monthly Special Collections everyone can support local, non-profit organizations which provide direct service;  for example, our last Special Collection on March 11 was for the Kalamazoo Drug Treatment Court, which brought in $1333.

Back in February we were challenged to receive 100% matching funds for Black Lives UU if we could reach a $2500 goal.  People’s people came through and we were able to exceed the goal with $2926.

One of our favorite recipients of the Special Collection is Peace House.  It is a happy story of two young families living in adjacent homes on the NE side of Kalamazoo, opening their doors and hearts to neighborhood children for after school and summer fun, food and learning, with homework help!  On April 8, one of the members of the families will be at People’s to tell us about their evolution and mission.  Don’t miss this chance to support an amazing, successful venture in our city.

In December we asked for any recommendations of places which will take donations of furniture and other household items.  Barb McCrea has compiled the following list which may be helpful to anyone planning to move or downsize.

  • Hispanic American Council: 269 385-6279
  • Bethany Christian, who helped with our adoption of the Syrian refugee family: 616 254-7778
  • Center for Transformation: contact Rick Johnson
  • Goodwill: 269 382-0490
  • ROI: 269 343-3731

And don’t forget to clip those BOX TOP coupons and put them in the box.

Reminder:  Put June 30 on your calendar for the ISAAC Special Walk/Run at Spring Valley Park.  Tickets will be on sale soon.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on SJCC meetings. The Social Justice Coordinating Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the clubhouse of Parkview Hills.

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