Our October Special Collection will be for Loaves and Fishes. In March, Loaves and Fishes decided to go to a curbside model. They prepackage everything and plan to continue that format for at least the next 6 months. Perishable and non-perishable food is packed based on the size of the family and they are able to accommodate allergy and restrictions due to religion, etc. At first when the shutdown began, all food distribution was done from the Portage Road site, but gradually about 9 satellite pantries have reopened, (though not fully) and are loading prepackaged boxes into people’s cars as they drive up. They have also been partnering with Parchment and Comstock to send food boxes home with children for the weekend as those two school districts have reopened to in-person instruction. 900 new families have signed up to receive food during the pandemic. In addition, Loaves and Fishes has developed a delivery service for people who need their food delivered and do about 20 deliveries a day. They may continue this service after the pandemic. Volunteers continue to help by packing non-perishables. Staff are meeting the clients and placing the prepacked food in the cars. They’ve had to hire some temporary workers.

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