Special Collections
The November Special Collection for Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition – Fridays for the Future netted $1169. For more information about upcoming Friday events sponsored by the Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition go to https://www.swmgsierra.org/mc-events/fridays-for-future-meet-the-kalamazoo-climate-crisis-coalition/. You can also check the Social Justice Kiosk where Community Social Justice Events are posted for the coming week.

The upcoming December Special Collection will be held on December 8th for Ministry with Community.  Ministry with Community is one of our traditional yearly recipients. Located on North Edwards Street, open 365 days a year for anyone regardless of belief or circumstance, “Empowering people to make positive life changes”. Our own Kelly Henderson, Executive Director of Ministry with Community will speak briefly about their work.

Lincoln School Collection — Gift items that students can select to give to their family members at Christmas

What to purchase:

  • Small things for children and adults for $10 or under, that are not easily broken are best. The items purchased will travel home in kids backpacks.
  • Donations of wrapping paper, tape, tags, etc.

*Please note that they often are short on items for dads/men

When to bring gifts:

  • Any time before or on December 15th—the date of the Holiday Party. (See Page 5)

Where to put the unwrapped gift donations:

  • There will be a big red plastic bin in the foyer next to the Christmas tree

Volunteers Needed

  • There is a need for people to help the students with shopping and wrapping on the day that the kids can pick out the gifts for their family members.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with this event, please contact Jeme Baker at jemaileen@yahoo.com


Over two hundred people, including 20 People’s Church members, gathered at the annual ISAAC Issues Convention on October 29, and chose Anti-Racism and Gun Violence as ISAAC’s focus for the next two years, along with Affordable Housing and Group Violence Intervention. Everyone present was invited to “vote with their feet,” whether or not they were from one of the 31 ISAAC member congregations and organizations.  They heard facts on local Poverty, Education, Racism, and Gun Violence presented, then voted by going to the corner of the church sanctuary where the issue they considered most urgent was posted.

“Anti-Racism and Gun Violence were the two issues chosen last night,” said Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director of ISAAC. “A task force was formed on each of those issues, which anyone who wants to help build the ‘Beloved Community’ can join.  The task forces will discern how local and state policies and practices can be ‘infused with love’ as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. described.  Next October, at the ISAAC Public Meeting, the task forces will ask community members, community leaders and our public officials to pledge to work for the changes of policy and practice that they discern.”

If you would like to join one of the newly formed task forces, please contact Rochelle Habeck-Hunt at habeck@chartermi.net, or 269-372-2033.

If you would like to receive the “ISAAC News” once a month via email, with photos and news of ISAAC’s progress,  go to isaackalamazoo.org and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  You’ll see the place to add your email address.  You will receive an email from ISAAC asking you to click to verify that you want to get “ISAAC News”.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on Social Justice Coordinating Committee meetings. The SJCC meets the second Saturday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in Room L1.

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