Michiganders know we have to earn summer.  Now that we have paid our winter dues, we are eager for that reward. Your Social Justice Coordinating Committee is anticipating a summer pilot project involving the children of our refugee community to use their out-of-school time to advance the basic knowledge that will help them move up a few rungs on the ladder of assimilation.  Two sessions–one in July, one in August–of two 4-day weeks will be offered at our facility  We are looking for for volunteers to bring this exciting opportunity to fruition.  Do you have any latent teaching talent to tap into?  There will be training available in advance.  Please consider this rewarding commitment at People’s four times a week for two weeks  either in July or August.

The June Special Collection reaped $1327.35 for the KRRC–Kalamazoo Refugee Resettlement Coalition, working with those families who are striving to establish a new home here in the U.S.  It is our privilege to support this life changing process.  Thanks for your wonderful generosity.

NOTE: This marks the final SJCC newsletter article authored by Kay Spade, who is retiring from the committee. Kay connected her flair for writing with love of our church’s social justice efforts and served us all for many years. We extend our heartfelt thanks and very best wishes to Kay.

If you would like to join our committee and consider taking up this role, please join us on the 2nd Saturday at 10:30 a.m. in Room L2.

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