ISAAC Banquet
An amazing evening was attended by 525 people on May 18, with “Hold Fast to Love and Justice” as the theme.  Mee Moua, keynote speaker and Principal of Interdependent Group, inspired us with her story as a refugee from Laos who rose to serve as chair of the Minnesota Senate Judiciary  Committee, through her journey of personal discernment to her liberating and loving work for racial healing and justice. Young dancers from El Concilio and musical performances preceded awards, including the Cornerstone Award to People’s Church once again, for our dedicated level of financial support. Rev. Rachel concluded the program with the closing prayer, from the anthem “Go Out”, sung recently by our choir:

“Go out into the highways and by-ways
And give the people something of your new vision. Y
ou may possess only a small light,
but uncover it and let it shine.
Use it to bring more understanding
to the hearts and minds of men.
Give them not Hell, but hope and courage.
Do not push them deeper into their despair,
But preach the kindness
and the everlasting love of God.” 

This annual gathering supports ISAAC’s work and celebrates the Beloved Community.

Special Collections
The Special Collection taken May 12 amounted to $846, for OutFront, which encourages efforts in SW Michigan to create a supportive environment for people of all sexual and gender identities. The June collection will benefit the Kalamazoo Refugee Resource Collaborative, which was spearheaded by our own Neena Marion.  We are also connected to this project as sponsors of a Syrian family, the Altyaras.

Congratulations to Molham for completing his GED!  He will be taking one class this summer at KVCC and plans to go part-time in the fall.  The twins were accepted to attend Pretty Lake camp this summer.  Have fun, guys!

Open Doors
Our Open Doors Rehab crew has worked for the last few weeks every Thursday morning to prepare an apartment for a new tenant.  Our group of 6-7 folks enjoyed getting to know each other better as we scrubbed woodwork to prep for painting, demolished old flooring and cupboards, (even a partial wall), built shelving, scraped, spackled, and sanded walls, and cleaned up an old refrigerator. The expertise of several of our crew has helped the rest of us who may not be as handy.  There is a job for any skill level. The only essential is a sense of humor and camaraderie!  There are more opportunities ahead for painting on this project.  Contact Greg Feldmeier at  if you’d like to be added to the email list.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on SJCC meetings. The Social Justice Coordinating Committee meets the second Saturday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in Room L2.

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