Lincoln School

Lincoln School volunteers began winding down the year with a final gathering on May 17th to share experiences and celebrate one more successful year of this wonderful project.  Mary Lewis, who has been its coordinator and backbone since inception, is retiring.  Next year Jeme Baker will assume leadership, hoping to continue the successes and expand participation.  Jeme says, ” I have worked with kids from 2nd through 5th grade, originally three or four at a time, but I found I could have a truer connection if I could work one on one, getting to know each individually.  And it’s not all work—I try to have a special lunch date with them, with board games.  I try to follow my students up each grade, loving watching them grow and learn.”

As you can see,  teachers are very flexible and willing to accommodate volunteers’ availabilities and involvement.  If you think you might enjoy being a part of this rewarding effort next fall, ask Jeme or any other member.  The kids would love you!


In just a few weeks the school year will be over and all the BoxTop coupons we have collected will be turned in at Lincoln.  Please put any more you have clipped into the container in the foyer.  Thank you!

Loaves & Fishes Collections

We will be holding two collections for Loaves & Fishes on June 10—one monetary and one collecting food donations.  Please plan to bring food donations that day and look for Rick Johnson’s red truck in the parking lot to transfer food!

May Special Collection

We collected $1,116 for Cradle Kalamazoo at the May 13th service.  Thanks to everyone who donated.

Center for Transformation

Since it’s inception, a few members of People’s Church have been volunteer mentors with The Center for Transformation, a social justice support group for parolees who are returning to society after long periods of incarceration.

Church members Molly Fairbanks, George McCrea, Greg Feldmeier and Rick Johnson have been helping one such parolee for over six years.  His name is William Beebe, and… the good news is… he’ll be “graduating” from parole on June 6!

It’s been a long fought journey, with many monthly prison visits, phone calls and then the more immediate support needed when William began his parole in Kalamazoo.  In time, the personal connections with his mentors have become close and important to everyone in this newly formed extended family. William’s progress has been steady.  He now has a full-time job, a car, an apartment, a girlfriend and he is renewing long neglected family ties.

On June 6, his first act of freedom will be to visit his mother and sister, who live in Three Rivers.  Then he will have a Celebration Lunch with his happy, proud mentors. And not far down the list, is a planned Sunday visit to People’s Church, where he has four good friends!

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