We have three Special Collection totals to report.

In October, besides the 514 pounds of food donated to Loaves and Fishes, People’s people gave $932.18 to support their wonderful work in the community.  In November the Hispanic American Council received $1414.41 from our Special Collection.  On Sunday December 11, $1076 was the amount donated to Ministry with Community in conjunction with the Poverty theme of the Harry Potter series of our RE program.  In addition, our youth had a successful warm clothing drive.

In January—again pairing with the RE theme of Child Labor—we will ask for donations for the Boys and Girls Club of Kalamazoo.  This generosity is surely appreciated, especially at this season.

Congratulations to the New GEM members who signed up to Give Every Month to ISAAC, the Interfaith Strategies for Advocacy and Action in the Community.  If you would like to be a member, email Rochelle Habeck Hunt at  habeck@chartermi.net

Thanks to People’s people for the outstanding food contributions the church made to Loaves and Fishes last month.  We were able to donate over  250 pounds!  The best part is it has arrived in time of the greatest need—the Christmas Season.  Thanks to everyone for this special effort …. and for all the sustained giving that goes on all year long!

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