ISAAC Banquet a Success!

People’s Church had a good turnout for the October 6 ISAAC Public Meeting.  Twenty-four of us attended the evening of music, speakers and skits outlining the progress of each task force.  Anti-Racism—supporting business leaders who take anti-racism training and help community members find employment;  Early Childhood and Education—building community to respond effectively to children and families facing traumatic stress;  Youth Violence Prevention—advocating for common sense gun laws and expanding leadership training for youth to be “Future Leaders for Peace.”

October Loaves and Fishes Collections

We collected $922.13 on October 9 for Loaves
and Fishes.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  An on-going contribution of dry and canned goods will continue through the end of the month in conjunction with the Religious Education fight against the Horcrux of HUNGER.  We offer a suggestion of an easy way to participate in this challenge.  While you’re making your grocery list for the holidays, watch for SALE items that fit Loaves and Fishes needs and jot them down also.  If you shop with your kids, remind them of the Hunger Horcrux and let them help.  Keep L & F goods in separate bags and leave them in your vehicle until you are at church next time, then put them in the barrel behind the downstairs Welcome Table.

Special Collection – November 13, The Hispanic American Council

hacThe Hispanic American Council, Inc. (The Council) is a nonprofit community organization established to advocate for the well-being of the Hispanic population in Southwest Michigan.  As a liaison between potential clients and service agencies, The Council seeks to meet the needs of a special population often hindered by language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliarity with service agencies and institutions.  Throughout the programs and services offered, the goal of The Council is to assist Hispanics in attaining self-sufficiency and a higher level of social and economic well-being.  The Council also strives to nourish and encourage the diverse cultural heritage of the Hispanic population. Learn more at:

Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser for Standing Rock Reservation, Sunday, September 20

The Young Adult group is hosting a spaghetti after-service-lunch on November 20th. The funds raised from this event will be going to the Standing Rock Reservation. The young adults are hoping to raise money for them to have food, warm clothes, and for the legal fees they are facing from the protest. $3 per person, $10 per family. Please come out, have some good food, support native activists, and learn about the Sacred Stone Encampment.

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