nich-betz-thornAre you ready?  Are you coming?

It is rare for me to find a band that can truly give a beautiful live performance. I have looked far and wide; from concerts I have attended live to videos I have seen on the internet. The majority of bands simply can’t give a good concert live.

But at the public witness event of General Assembly, 2016, I found that band in Reverend Seikou and the Holy Ghost. Their playing was energizing and inspiring; I found myself believing that maybe, just maybe, the injustices of our world could be conquered. Out of the many verses that were sung that evening, one in particular stuck with me: “We ready/We comin’.”

As the days passed and GA slowly came to a close, I found myself thinking of that verse more and more, until it was a steady fixture of my mind. Why did that phrase keep coming back to me? What was it that had stuck with me so?

At GA, it became obvious to me that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of UUs who are both ready and coming. From social justice workshops to plans of action for years to come to impassioned youth ready to confront the world’s evils, there are many in our community as Unitarian Universalists who are ready to do the work that needs to be done.

But what about you? But what about me?

It dawned upon me a few weeks after General Assembly—that was what had stuck with me. The verse had transformed from simple words to a call to reflection and action. Was I as ready as I thought I was? Would I be coming when the time came?

And what about you? What about us, here, at People’s Church—are we ready?  Are we coming?

If the answer to that question is no, then I invite you to make the changes that are required for the answer to be yes.

–Nich Betz-Thorn

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