Unitarian Universalism

This year our curriculum theme for all ages is UUism and we will focus both on our 7 UU Principles as well as some key figures in UU history.  The curriculum guide for Kindergarten – 6th grades is entitled, “We Believe: Learning and Living our UU Principles.”

The curriculum preparation team is excited for the opportunities this curriculum gives us for immersing our children in our values of inclusivity, justice and searching for truth and meaning throughout the coming church year.


7th & 8th Grade OWL

Our 7th- and 8th-graders will be immersed in Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education class this year.

Parent Orientation – Sunday, Sept. 22, 12:30-2 or 3?

Kick-off Sleepover – Saturday, Sept. 28, 6:00p.m.


9th Grade – Coming of Age

Our 9th-grade class will be engaged in a year-long Coming of Age program designed to help these young people undergo this rite of passage with guidance and thoughtful activities and guidance from individual adult mentors from our congregation.


10-12th Grades

These high school students will be exploring a new UU curriculum entitled “A Place of Wholeness” which is designed to be an opportunity for them to examine their faith journeys to better understand themselves in the context of UUism.


YRUU – Youth Group

First Sunday Afternoons beginning Oct. 6.  ALL 9th-12th graders are invited to participate in monthly youth group sessions which include time for youth worship, social justice projects, social activities, leadership development as well as lots of fun and connection with other youth.



Saturday, September 7 – 10:00 – 2:00 OR
Saturday, September 14 – 12:30 – 4:30

Please plan to attend an RE teacher-orientation workshop on one of the first two Saturdays in September which are designed to best help you work with the children this year.


RE Room Preparation Help Needed
September 5 & 6 – 5:00-8:00 pm

CleaningEVERYONE is invited and encouraged to come and help us clean and set up the RE classrooms for the new church year.  We run all the Legos and toys through the dishwasher, hang the posters and restock the supply cupboards in each room.  There is a job for everyone who comes and pizza for all.  Many hands make light work!

Please join in and help!  RSVP to Diane Melvin at 375-3262 or re@peopleschurch.net


Seeking RE Teaching Assistants to help out in the preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade classes this year.  Be the 2nd adult in the room and be willing to assist with the children where needed.  Let Diane Melvin know of your willingness to help!


Coming of Age Mentors

MentorThis fall we will be offering our Coming of Age program to the 9th-graders.  This outstanding program has many fabulous components but one of the most meaningful is pairing the youth with adult mentors from our congregation.

I am seeking adults that would be willing to be a mentor for a 9th-grade youth.  All of the meetings take place during church in the classroom and the activities and discussions are facilitated by the teachers.

The mentor is needed when they break off in pairs for discussion questions to go deeper.

The role of the mentors is to share some of their faith journey with the youth including how you came to UUism.  Instead of asking these youth to memorize creeds, we are asking them to discern what their most important values and beliefs are.  Mentors are essential in helping the youth articulate these ideas.

I would love to discuss the details with anyone who may be interested.  Please contact me at 375-3262 or re@peopleschurch.net.

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