Coping in these COVID Times

We are living amidst scary times with this pandemic affecting so much of our lives as COVID cases are rising. How do we find ways to cope with the challenges we are facing? Of course the challenges are different for each of us depending on our situations.

Those working at home with children schooling at home have their hands full. Those who are retired without children at home may find they have more time than they are used to.

I am excited about our People’s meal exchange program. I signed up on both sign up sheets. Sometimes I make a big pot of something that would be great to share with another family. Sometimes, I am feeling overwhelmed and would welcome a monthly meal that I don’t have to prepare!

I especially appreciate that it is a tangible way we can support one another in our church community during this time when we are unable to physically be together. I hope all who are interested will choose to participate in this simple opportunity for connection and support.

As we move into December with increased darkness and increased quarantine measures, please remember to take exquisite care of your precious selves. These are really hard times, so be extra gentle with yourself and your loved ones.

These are not normal times and we need to recognize that the same expectations around productivity do not apply. I am trying to cultivate as much compassion for myself as I can when I can’t seem to function and produce at the same capacity in the midst of this pandemic.

Perhaps this is the opportunity needed to re-examine the pace with which we are expected to function in this society. Maybe this time can be an chance to slow down and remember our most important values, a chance to discern what brings us the most joy and direct our attention there. Perhaps we can use some of this time to further educate ourselves about white supremacy culture and the ways we can work to dismantle it both in our church and in our country.

May you each find creative ways to cope and maybe even discover the silver linings of this unusual time.

Blessed Be,
Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

Stuffie Sleepover
December 4-6th

Bring your stuffed animal to church on Friday Dec. 4 between 5:30-7:00 pm in a brown paper grocery sack with their information written on it. We’ll take pictures of each child with their stuffie for identification purposes.

The stuffies will spend the first night safely tucked into their paper bag for quarantine purposes. Then they’ll enjoy fun games, snacks, stories and crafts together.

Pick up is on Sunday between 3:00-5:00 pm. Fun pictures of their shenanigans at church together will be shared with all!

Register your stuffies here:

Fun Interactive Video RE Classes & Zoom Classes for All Age Groups

All are welcome to participate in our weekly RE offerings. If your kids are Zoomed out, our interactive google slides offer the opportunity for kids to click on various elements to enjoy videos of a chalice lighting, story, questions, song, meditation and activity. Check it out!

If you would like to receive these links via our weekly emails please complete or update the RE Registration Form here:

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