Reflection and Intentions

The new year always provides an opportunity to reflect upon the previous year and take stock. I like to begin the new year by writing in my journal and setting goals and intentions of how I most wish to live. I often begin by recalling my deepest held values and ideals of how I desire to be and then discerning how I can best live those out in my daily life.

One of the most critical parts of striving to be my best self is maintaining a regular spiritual practice. When I make the time to meditate, walk in the woods and read meaningful books, I am better able to live closer to my ideals.

Of course, being human, I frequently fall short of my ideals. One of the lines I love from the Rumi poem that we sing in church is “When I’ve broken my vows a thousand times…” The reminder I appreciate is to start again and again, to make amends and continue to travel through this often messy and imperfect life as best as I am able.

What are your deepest held values of how you wish to live? What are the ways you try to live into those values? Where are the places you fall short? How do you pick yourself back up, make amends and try again?

For myself, I have found cultivating a deep practice of self-compassion has been key to continuing to journey along this often challenging path. By offering myself much grace when I fall short, I find I am more able to offer grace to everyone around me.

In the coming year, I aspire to deepen my practice of cultivating compassion for myself, everyone around me and for all beings. Compassion and wisdom go hand in hand for me. The more compassionate and understanding I can be, the wiser I seem to respond to all that unfolds within and around me.

In this new year, may each of us experience more compassion and grace in our lives. May we each find the ways to best nurture our own spirits so that we can be our best selves and live up to our highest ideals of how we wish to be.

May our community at People’s Church support each of us in these lofty endeavors and to bring more goodness, peace and love into the world.

Blessed Be,
Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

All Church Winter Dance

Jan. 25 from 7-10 PM

All ages are invited to enjoy this evening of fun together hosted by the Youth Group. With a Winter Wonderland theme, there will be a photo booth, refreshments and of course dancing. Youth will sell baked goods to fundraise to attend the General Assembly in June 2021. The dance is family friendly and we encourage and welcome all to attend!

To create a fun playlist for the evening and are taking song requests. What songs were popular when you were in high school? We want to play songs through the decades so please email your favorites to Lilian Gates at

We aspire to have a fun celebration with the entire People’s Community so please come and support the high school youth!

Young Adult UU CONference

Jan. 17-19, 2020 at People’s Church

All 18-35 year olds are invited to participate in this inspirational and informative weekend. Enjoy a variety of hands-on workshops, meaningful worship experiences, games, laughter, connection and a fun coffee house. Register at

Young Adult Con Potluck Dishes Needed
Please bring labeled vegetarian and vegan dishes to church on Friday January 17th to feed the young adults dinner on the first night of their UU conference.  There are usually around 40 young adults who gather MLK weekend at People’s Church each year. They really appreciate our church community rallying to feed them one night.  Thank you!

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