Sacred Summer Family Ritual Ideas
Rest is an act of Resistance

Summertime can often mean a different schedule for many families. Most kids are out of school and family vacations often take place in the summer months. July is the time when I really look forward to spending as much time outside in nature as I can. My triathlon training is in full gear, so I am spending hours each week swimming, running and biking outside.

I also love working in my gardens during the summer, though my favorite activity is simply hiking with my dog, Griffyn. We love to explore the woods, rivers and fields around our house. I love to have time and space to slow down and savor a leisurely walk just listening and observing nature.

I am so grateful for the month of July because it feels like the rest of the year goes by at breakneck speed and I believe that slowness and stillness are essential for a healthy spirit.

I hope that each of you can find some time this summer to slow down and rest. In this culture that thrives on being “too busy” I think rest is a radical act of resistance.

What are the activities that most nurture your spirit in the summer? Do you have some time for those activities scheduled on your calendar? I know that I love spending time on the beach on Lake Michigan but unless I schedule it in, it seems like the summer often flies by with too few of those beach days happening.

For those of you who don’t make it to church as often in the summer, what sacred rituals do you share with your family? Do you say Grace before your meals to give thanks? Do you light a chalice at any time during your week to share family joys and sorrows?

Do you have any bedtime rituals such as evening prayers of gratitude for another day well lived? How about a ritual while riding in the car to and from activities or on a family vacation? Do you have a check in question each person can answer either in the car or around the table? I always like the question: How is it with your spirit today?

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

Summer RE – Nature Activities

Every Sunday morning at 10:45 AM there are wonderful activities for children available during the service. Nursery care is also available.

Peace and Nature Camp

Thank you to Jeff Kirkwood for another fine year at the helm of our very own Peace and Nature Camp. We are so fortunate to have his leadership for this meaningful week long day camp experience for kids at church!

Fall Religious Education plans:

K-6th – Unitarian Universalist Principles

7-8th – Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education

9-10th – Coming of Age

11-12th – Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education

By Earth Be Blessed

May you know the embrace of Earth.

May she teach you the wisdom of time:

  • The unfolding of Spring
  • The ripening of Summer
  • The turning of Autumn
  • The shedding of Winter.

May she teach you the wisdom of intimacy:

  • Seed embraced by warm, dark soil
  • Crevice traced by insistent stream
  • Raindrop clinging to new, soft leaf
  • Precious stones in hidden places.

May she teach you the wisdom of grace:

  • Flowers entwining fallen oak
  • Healing gifts of common “weeds”
  • Grain for bread, fruit for wine
  • Dancing stars through barren branches.

May you be known in Earth’s embrace.

~By Jan Richardson

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