January RE Lessons

This month’s RE lessons for K-7th graders include important topics that will  get them thinking about the relevance Bible stories may have in their lives today.

In addition to meaningful discussion questions, there is so much value in our children being introduced to ideas about Jesus and Jonah from a UU perspective. Instead of examining the bible as literal truth, we approach these stories as containing timeless themes about how to live good lives.

It is important that our UU youth know who Jonah and Moses are. A well-rounded religious education includes familiarity with these figures, who are well known in popular culture today.  Ideas about Jesus and his teachings are abundant in our society and it’s valuable for UU kids to have accurate knowledge of his life & teachings.

Jan. 6: Specialty Classes – K-7th graders have the opportunity to participate in a choice of fun activities together. Your child will get to sign up for their choice of class—games, crafts, cooking—when they arrive to church.

Jan. 13: Jonah – We will learn the story of Jonah and explore the ideas of responsibility and inclusion.

Our discussion will include:

  • When have you avoided a responsibility? When did you fulfill a responsibility you would have rather avoided? How did you feel after both of those times?
  • Jonah was told he had to invite wicked people into the circle of good people. How would you feel if you had to include people you didn’t want to?
  • How have you felt when you’ve been left out?
  • Would it have been easier if Jonah had just done as he was told the first time? Why is that hard to do sometimes?

Jan. 20: Who is Jesus? – We will learn the story of Jesus and what is told about him.

Our discussion will include:

  • What might Jesus have looked like?
  • Why do people have different ideas about that?
  • What roles did he play in his life?
  • Why do people follow Jesus?
  • Why do UUs value Jesus’ teachings today?

Jan. 27: An introduction to the New Testament – We will learn about who wrote the New Testament, when it was written, the use of the oral tradition, and where the people who wrote it got their information.

Our discussion will include:

  • How is the New Testament different from the Old Testament?
  • Are the gospels the same now as when they were written?
  • Are the gospels true?
  • How is truth defined?

The 8-12th graders will learn about Catholicism This month:

  • Jan 6th – Introduction and Overview
  • Jan. 13th – St. Joseph Catholic Mass Visit
  • Jan. 20 – Integrating Our Experience from the visit

Since the content of our lessons build upon one another, we hope your family is able to attend church regularly so your kids can get the most out of religious growth and learning opportunities available to them at People’s Church. The more consistent church attendance is, the more relationships are formed and connections are deepened, which is beneficial for all ages.

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

High School Youth Group – January 13
Special guest: Herpetologist

All 9-12th graders are invited to join in on the fun. Deepen relationships, play games, and have fun. This month a special guest will help us work on the National Wildlife Federation habitat certification project.

Lunch provided in the kitchen after church then youth group will meet from 12:45-2:30 in Room L2 on all Second Sundays through May.

High School UU Youth Conferences

January 25-27 – Birmingham Unitarian Church
February 1-3 – Social Justice Con – Louisville, KY

Let Diane Melvin know if you plan to attend at re@peopleschurch.net

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