September Musings
As summer winds down and the season heads toward fall, school is beginning and RE at church is beginning our new year. We are excited to gather together again for religious growth and learning for all ages in our church community.

The Religious Education committee has had their annual retreat and is excited to guide and support our RE program this year. Our pool of 30 volunteer RE leaders are mostly recruited and excited to work with our children and youth this year.

Our curriculum teams have been working hard all summer to prepare our Jewish and Christian Heritage curriculum for the coming year for K-12 graders. We are enthusiastic about inviting guest speakers for the 8-9th grades and setting up church and temple visits for the 10-12th graders. Let Diane Melvin know if you have an interest in helping with either of those projects.

At some point this church year we will be offering Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education (OWL) classes before the church service for both Kindergarten/1st grades and 5/6th grades. Date are still to be determined.

Our Youth Group for 9-12th grades will meet after church on 2nd Sundays again this year to begin on October 14th.

All parents please be sure to complete current registration forms for all kids from birth through 12th grade so we have current health and allergy information as well as update permission slips.  Since our Religious Education program is completely supported by volunteer power, PLEASE check the areas on the form where you are willing and able to assist our program!

We are currently compiling our adult RE brochure, so if you would like to offer a class or group this year please let Rachel or I know so we can include it in our offerings.

RE Teacher Orientation
Saturday Sept. 8, 1:00-4:30 PM
Thank you to everyone who agreed to teach RE next year; please RSVP to attend the teacher training!

Why Do We Gather Together?

Our goal in Unitarian Universalist religious education is to provide our children and youth with a toolbox of skills, ideas, and practices to carry with them into life to help them be their best selves. As UUs we aspire to live according to our highest ideals of right living in relationship with ourselves, each other and the earth.

Living in a patriarchal world characterized by white supremacy, toxic masculinity and environmental destruction, more than ever people are needed who are seeking wisdom and truth and fighting for peace and justice.

My hope is that our liberal religious community can offer each of us a bit of solace for rejuvenation of the soul, inspiration for the journey, a community of kindred spirits with which to travel and opportunities for religious growth to keep us stretching beyond our comfort zones.

As I transition from a slower summer schedule to the myriad of details that need tending to prepare for our fall start up, I am noticing the breakneck speed with which we are expected to function in society these days. It is daunting and often overwhelming to go so fast and do so much. I am trying to notice my resistance to constantly feeling rushed with curiosity and compassion.

I especially offer compassion to all the families starting back to school often navigating early start times and multiple activities and responsibilities. It is hard to juggle it all and keep the balls in the air. Be sure and offer yourselves and your family members much gentleness and grace while undergoing this transition time.

As we prepare to gather together again for the new church year, all ages will hopefully find sacred space and time to renew our spirits and our commitments toward right living.  May our liberal religious community serve to support and nurture each of us as we navigate the joys and challenges of all the days of our lives.

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

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