Youth Bridging Service – June 3

The high school youth will plan and lead this service where we will bridge our 8th graders up into Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) and we will bridge our Seniors out.

I have mixed emotions about the youth bridging out of YRUU. Of course I am extremely happy for them as they move on in their lives and yet I will miss having weekly contact with this wonderful group of young people!
My life is richer for having known them.

Manny Tsang
Nate Vanderberg
Kiernan Dean-Hall
Galileo Iadorosa-Desroches
Karissa Weber
Owen Edwards

Child Dedication – June 10

At People’s Church we dedicate our children to goodness, beauty and truth to be witnessed and supported by the whole congregation.

If you would like your child to be dedicated to Unitarian Universalism at People’s Church, please let Diane or Rachel know that you are interested.

Thank You RE Committee

The Religious Education Committee has done an excellent job of ensuring things run smoothly in RE this year. I’m grateful to have such a competent and effective team with whom to work in service of our families, children and youth!

THANK YOU Chris Semelbauer, Elizabeth Huff Willis, Wendy Murray, Michelle Weemhoff, Betsy Johnson, Marti Peters-Sparling, Amy Marr, Bobby Goldstein, Nicky Gates and Mary Kate Webster!

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