diane-and-mayaOur Director of Religious Education will be on sabbatical leave from January through June 2017.  She will be away from the church and her many roles will be filled by a group of volunteers.

Sabbaticals are common for professionals working at universities and also for professionals in many churches.  They are valuable both for the person granted the opportunity and for the congregation.  Diane will have time for rest, study, introspection and other pursuits that often get pushed aside under the pressure of deadlines.  She will be able to explore both personal and professional priorities.   As a congregation, we will increase our appreciation of the complexity of the DRE’s role, learn with each other as we pitch in to meet ongoing program needs and welcome back a renewed and enthusiastic DRE.

We’re planning ahead so that the RE program will continue without any major changes.  The main differences you are likely to notice are that others will be making announcements, writing newsletter columns, staffing the office on Sundays and responding to various other needs.  Classes and activities will go on as usual.  We’ll be posting a directory of who is covering what so that you will know where to go with your questions, ideas and concerns.

We’ll keep you informed as plans develop during the fall. Please get in touch with one of us if you have questions or if you’d like to help.

THE DRE Sabbatical Committee:  Emily Cutler, Connie Ferguson, Kelly Henderson, Jeff Kirkwood and Mary Kate Webster

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