diane-readingOur Director of Religious Education, Diane Melvin, will be on sabbatical leave from January through June, 2017. While she is on sabbatical leave, her many roles will be filled by volunteers. Religious Education classes and activities will continue without any major changes.

Why Take a Sabbatical?

Sabbaticals are common  practice for professors and ministers and are becoming more common for other religious professionals.

This time can be valuable both for the person granted the opportunity as well as for the congregation.

Diane Melvin will have time for rest, study, introspection   and other pursuits that often get pushed aside under the pressure of deadlines. She will be able to pursue both personal and professional priorities.

As a congregation, we will increase our appreciation of the complexity of the DRE’s role and learn with each other as we work together to meet ongoing program needs and goals.

I have an RE question! Whom do I ask?

  • Pastoral Care: Rev. Rachel Lonberg
  • Administration and Communication: Connie Ferguson
  • Sunday Morning Needs: Mary Kate Webster
  • Childcare for Events: Jenny Henley
  • Specialty Classes: Marti Peters-Sparling
  • OWL: Kelly Henderson
  • RE Staff Oversight: Emily Cutler
  • Youth Group: Kelly Henderson & Jeff Kirkwood
  • Youth Conferences: Jeff Kirkwood
  • RE Committee Co-Chairs: Gwen Abney-Cunningham & Heather Barsy
  • Sabbatical Committee: Emily Cutler, Connie Ferguson, Kelly Henderson, Jeff Kirkwood & Mary Kate Webster

Questions? Contact us at dresabbatical@peopleschurch.net

From Our DRE diane

After serving this congregation for the past 15 years in religious education ministry, I am very grateful for this opportunity for deep rest and renewal.

While I will miss seeing everyone each week,  I look  forward to this time to deepen my own spiritual practices and to tend to my own soul.   I hope to return nourished and rejuvenated.

Sincerely,  Diane


rachel-lonberg-smFrom Rev. Rachel

A sabbatical is a chance for deep rest, spiritual practice, and the learning and long-term planning often set aside in the rush of deadlines and to-do lists that make up church life.

Diane will return to us rested, refreshed, and ready to lead us in new directions.


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