code (2)Are you excited about the church year? How about getting your children and youth registered? We are moving to an online registration system, and we have an online Google Form ready to go.

We request that all of the children and youth who attend our program be registered. It is of critical importance that we have current contact information for each family, and registration also helps us be aware of any special needs children may have, from allergies to shyness to learning challenges.

Because there are many opportunities for children and youth to participate in overnight activities and field trips throughout the church year, we request health insurance and emergency information on the registration form so we have that data on file.

Please make sure to note the section asking which volunteer activities you are interested in helping with during the year. The success of our religious education program depends upon the support of many hands. Active involvement in the program provides valuable opportunities to help while often deepening connections and fellowship with one another. Whether you help out a few hours a year or a few hours a week, your time and energy are appreciated and our volunteers tell us they find helping with the Religious Education program to be quite rewarding.

Help us save trees and simplify the beginning of the church year by filling out your form now, from the comfort of your home!

You can scan this handy QR code, which will take you straight to our online registration form, or you can follow this link.

Let Nicky Gates know if you have any questions.

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