This process wants and needs your feedback.  First, we want to make sure all of your questions are answered.  Once you understand what is being proposed, we want to know what items you support, and which items you are concerned about.  And importantly – what are your reasons for support or concern – beyond “I don’t like it”.  Please let us know, in your view, how something flows with or against our vision/mission and the Seven Principles.

We prefer that you send all feedback, questions, concerns, supporting comments, and requests for 1-to-1 conversations with the committee to: Mary Kate Webster will connect you to a committee member, or forward your message to the appropriate person.  You may also contact any committee member directly.

You may also use that email if you need assistance in any way to access these materials, including visual or auditory accommodations, paper copies, access to the internet/website, or any other adjustment.

All conversations are intended to focus on answering questions, and for the committee to gather your comments.  This process is not set up to be a time of debate, so please resist asking a committee member to engage in that.

General questions; to set up a 1-to-1 conversation Mary Kate Webster, 269-501-3854 voice/text Prefers evenings/weekends
Barb Davis 269-501-4454 voice/text
Shari Harris 317-443-3426 voice/text
Denise Hartsough 269-599-1801
Carolyn Heineman 269-547-7113 voice/text
Brian Lewis 541-870-6658 voice/text
Marj Lightner 269-353-1311
Mary Kate Webster 269-388-5998 landline 269-501-3854 voice/text Prefers evenings/weekends
Diane Worden 269-349-3624

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