Here is a variety of documents – text and recordings – for you to use to review and form opinions about the proposed Bylaws. If you need assistance in any way to access these materials, including visual or auditory accommodations, paper copies, access to the internet/website, or any other adjustment, please send a message to  The committee will work to get you what you need.


Proposed 2021 Bylaws Full Text / Side-by-side comparison with current For a deep dive into a few or all of the Articles, this is the full text of what is being proposed. The proposed text is placed side-by-side, as best we could, with the text of the Bylaws that are currently in effect.
Proposed 2021 By Laws Summary of Major Changes If you’d prefer to look over only the highlights, this document contains what we consider to be the major functional changes. So – not so much detail.
Overview of the Proposed Voting Structure What is woven through these proposed Bylaws is a new structure for voting on church issues. It looks weird and confusing at first, so here is a table that may help clarify.
Who To Contact This is a full list of committee members, and some notes on how to provide your feedback. Hint:
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions As we get a sense of what your questions are about either the proposed changes, or the process of review and feedback, we will summarize and document them here. This should be a living document, updated over the months as more is experienced.

Video/Zoom Recordings

These are video presentations with slides to help you understand the changes.  Watch as many or as few as make sense for what you want/need to know. 

Articles, I, II, III – Name, Purpose, Equity, Statement

Article IV – Membership

Article V – Board of Trustees and Officers

Article VI – Meetings of the Board of Trustees

Article VII – Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

Article VIII – Congregational Meetings

Article IX – Minister

Article X – Nominating Committee

Article XI – Budget and Finance

Article XII – Amendments, Conflict and Dissolution

Background & What You Should Do
Who to Contact
What Are Bylaws?