A Bylaws Revision Committee has been working since mid-2019 to review and update the Church’s Bylaws. This is a process that is done approximately every 10 years, or when a specific issue calls for it. In this case, in 2019 our Board of Trustees identified our 2-level church membership structure (those who financially donate, and those that don’t) as violating our value of equity on the basis of class and dignity, and so requested an update. The committee then wanted to take the opportunity to review all Articles of the Bylaws for congruence with our current vision and mission. It has been two years of robust debate—none of us anticipated that we would learn and do so much.

We learned much about each other, about how to listen, and about a quasi-consensus process. Breaking down either-or and win-lose thinking was not easy to do. And, we stayed with it. So now, we present to you the best (so far) of our consensus process. And we eagerly await your questions, your support and/or your concerns about what you read here. Please participate in this feedback and enhancement process.

What You Should Do

This process wants and needs your feedback. First, we want to make sure all of your questions are answered. Once you understand what is being proposed, we want to know what items you support, and which items you are concerned about. And importantly—what are your reasons for support or concern—beyond “I don’t like it”.  Please let us know how, in your view, something flows with or against the Church’s vision/mission and the UU Principles. Please use to provide your feedback, or to request a one-to-one conversation with a Committee member. Please also see the Who to Contact link.

If you need assistance in any way to access these materials, including visual or auditory accommodations, paper copies, access to the internet/website, or any other adjustment, please send a message to  The committee will work to get you what you need.

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