The Bylaws Committee has completed its draft of proposed revisions to the Bylaws of People’s Church. The committee has been working since mid-2019 to review and update the church’s Bylaws. This process is done approximately every 10 years, or when a specific issue calls for it. In this case, in 2019 our Board of Trustees identified our 2-level church membership structure (those who financially donate, and those that don’t) as violating our value of equity on the basis of class and dignity, and so requested an update. The committee then wanted to take the opportunity to review all Articles of the Bylaws for congruence with our current vision and mission.

We learned much about each other, about how to listen, and about a quasi-consensus process. Breaking down either-or and win-lose thinking was not easy to do. And, we stayed with it. So now, after incorporating your feedback, we present to you the Bylaws with proposed revisions. The Board of Trustees has announced a special congregational meeting to vote on these on Sunday, February 27, 2022 at 10:45 a.m.

Additionally, one of our members has chosen to share her perspective on the proposed Article III for consideration by the congregation in advance of the meeting. Again, the Board is pleased that its invitation to share was accepted, and grateful for this addition to the information available for your reflection in preparation for this session. Her personal statement and supporting articles can be found by logging in HERE.

An additional request has been received from another member regarding one of the articles shared that provides an alternative perspective. You are encouraged to also read that posting as part of your consideration in preparing for our meeting on 2/27.