The canvass for 2015-2016 must raise over $320,000 to meet our Operating/Program Budget for the fiscal year. The average annual pledge necessary to meet this goal is over $1,800. We ask that you give your fair share to support our church.

How to find your fair share: Giving is a function of commitment and resources. Consider your UU values when thinking about your financial commitment to the congregation. Together we individually and collectively are responsible for People’s Church.

To guide your suggested fair share:

  1. Determine your annual income or resource level.
  2. Add any unusual or periodic income such as inheritances, business income, anticipated investment income, etc.
  3. Subtract any extraordinary expenses such as large medical expenses, care of a parent, or large expense.
  4. From the Annual Income column, move to the right for a giving level that you can support.


Our goal is 100% participation. Please return this form as soon as possible. The Pledge campaign will end on March 31.



Printable Pledge Form

If you would rather submit your pledge by mail, please print the pledge form.