The church recognizes the fact that inclement weather and other emergencies can affect our ability to open for Sunday services and/or other activities. The safety of our members and staff is paramount. No policy can cover every contingency; however, this policy covers the most common situations.

The church will be closed when:
– there is no electricity and/or water at the church
– local or state government declares a weather emergency and asks that people stay off the road
– church leaders decide that conditions are too dangerous

The church administrator will register the church with local television channels WWMT and WOOD so that the church is part of their closure notifications. The stations require pre-registration. The church administrator will verify no later than December 1 of each year that the church is registered for such notification.
The minister and board president will make the decision on whether to cancel Sunday services or other activities. When a decision is made that a service or event will be canceled, the board president will inform WWMT and WOOD and contact someone on the designated website manager list to immediately post this to the church website. Members who wish to be notified by email will be so notified by a message from the board president.   During the winter months, there will be a section on the church website that informs people how to know when the church is closed.

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