20140302_104303Many good things are moving forward in our church community at this time. In addition to the blooming of our beautiful landscape, May will bring us the fruition and celebration of our stewardship to support  the church program and building, and our annual gathering to review the accomplishments of our committees, staff and Board, conduct our church business and vote for new representatives. We will select the Interim Minister to lead us in the 2nd year of our interim process, hear from our Ministerial Settlement Representative from the UUA to guide us in our search for a new settled minister, and bid farewell from our community to Reverend Pam as she concludes her work with us at the end of May.

Looking back, on March 23rd, we held the third Transition meeting, addressing the UUA question to envision our future, entitled “Who Will We Become?” Focusing on the central purpose of the church, we asked people what the mission and ministry of the current church have meant to them, and then asked how the mission and ministry may need to be strengthened in the future. The results were extremely inspiring and very useful.  Here is a very long list that provides every answer offered to that first question – comprising a beautiful testimonial about the many ways in which the mission and ministry of our church has changed our lives. The results for the second question provide a potential skeleton for some new directions, which we will report in the next issue to consider in the fall during the second year of our interim process.

In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, please contact a member of the Transition Team. We would welcome having a time to listen to you. Finally, please let us know if you would like to join the Transition Team. We especially hope that someone who is newer to the church might like to join this work.

With Thanks,

Tim Bartik, Rochelle Habeck, Mary Lewis, Don Miller and Zoe Valette

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