December 7, 2014, 7:30 p.m.


To People’s People,

We need to let you know that our Interim Minister, Dave Johnson, is in the hospital in California after suffering a mild stroke. His wife, Diann, and daughter, Melanie, have flown to California and by now have arrived at the hospital to see him and talk with doctors. Diann had spoken to Dave by phone and said that his prognosis appears hopeful and he still has his sense of humor. He is receiving physical therapy and speech therapy in the ICU. As we get more information and progress reports we will be sure to keep you informed. If you’d like to send cards, please address them to Dave at church for now and we will see that they are forwarded as soon as he is assigned to a room.

Your Board of Trustees met this evening to discuss this news and to make sure that Sunday services will go on as planned and that the business of the church will continue uninterrupted. Dave’s great organization skills are a huge benefit! We have an excellent team at People’s, and will also consult with the UUA about whatever they can offer as guidance should the need be there.

For now, we can send Dave our good thoughts, alpha waves, prayers or whatever works for you, and be assured that you will be kept up to date on his progress.


Darryl Loiacano and Sally Padley

Co-Presidents, Board of Trustees

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