20140302_104303As a reminder, the Transition Team was formed by the Interim Minister to assist the Board and Congregation in the process of transitioning to a new settled minister. Our role is to provide opportunities for the congregation to talk together, share perspectives, and provide input that can strengthen our community and inform the search process. Zoë Valette has replaced Anna Shade on the Team and brings the valuable perspective of young adults and families with young children to our work along with her many skills.

The Transition Team is NOT a decision-making body, nor are we part of the search process; rather, we work with Reverend Pam to listen and communicate and address the key questions suggested by the UUA for our congregation to answer together as part of the transition process. These congregational small group/whole group discussions are part of an ongoing series in which People’s people are asked over the next few months to help explore the present, past, and future of our church to inform the transition process from our many perspectives.

If you are wondering where the church is in the process of moving toward a new settled minister, here is a quick summary of some key steps in the process:

All-Church Transition Meetings:

January 26—Transition Meeting I: Who and How We Are Now

February 23—Transition Meeting II: Important Lessons Learned From our History;

March 23—Transition Meeting III: Visioning and Supporting our Future.

Search Committee Selection: The Nominating Committee is seeking recommendations from church members for people you would like to see on the Search Committee for the new settled minister. Cards to submit recommendations are available for every member in the church foyer and may be submitted on paper or by email through noon on Sunday, March 2.  The Nominating Committee will by March 16 assemble a slate of 5 candidates for the Search Committee, to be voted on at a congregational meeting on March 30.  In addition, our congregational documents allow nominations for the Search Committee to also be made independently of the Nominating Committee, by a petition signed by at least 5 members; petitions are available at the church office.  An election for 5 members of the Search Committee will be held on Sunday, March 30 at a brief meeting of the congregation after the service. The Board will then appoint two additional members to the Search Committee. The Search Committee will then begin a process that extends over the next year according to the UUA guidelines and will report to the congregation periodically on its progress. The new settled minister will be called to begin in August 2015.

The second year of our Interim Ministry will begin in August 2014. Reverend Pam has recommended that we have two ministries during the two-year interim to help maximize our readiness for a new settled minister. She will conclude her work with us in May and is working on a short list of projects with the Board and staff that relate to her strengths of organizational assessment and structure. A small committee is being appointed by the Board this month to run the search for our second interim minister. This is an abbreviated process set forth by the UUA and will conclude in early May.

Please see a narrative summary of the results of the first Transition meeting (page 2) and a visual representation of these results on the boards displayed in the foyer. If you have questions or input about the Transition Process, please contact any of us. Your thoughts are welcome:

Tim Bartik, Rochelle Habeck, Mary Lewis, Don Miller, Bob Wallis, Zoë Valette and Reverend Pam


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