Darryl Some questions have arisen about the role of our congregation during candidating week. This is understandable! People’s Church has not had to conduct a settled minister search for many years! Many of us, including myself, have never been part of this process.

People’s Church has decided to follow the procedures of the UUA in order to secure a settled minister candidate. There is much wisdom and experience behind the procedures that are used by the UUA. Their purpose is to help congregations like ours secure the best candidate for a settled minister in the most fair and organized manner possible. The primary vehicle for this process is the search committee, which we elected last year and entrusted to help us find a great candidate minister. They have done the “heavy lifting” of the job, through countless interviews, reference checks, etc. It is now time for the congregation to meet our settled minister candidate. We will have a week full of activities to do so, including two Sunday services. Of course we will have questions for Reverend Rachel and she for us. But it would be incorrect to think of this process as a week-long interview for Reverend Rachel—and also a bit exhausting for her! Rather, it is a time for getting a feel for her style, her gifts and her potential to be our settled minister. It is hoped that this experience will validate the hard work of the search committee, and result in a strong vote for her call after the service on May 3rd.

No one should feel inhibited about engaging actively with Reverend Rachel during candidating week. But the goal is to enter into the process with hope, enthusiasm and openness.   It is also important to remember that no candidate will be perfect, and no candidate can be all things to all people.

After seeing her website, I am very enthused about what Reverend Rachel can bring to People’s Church!   I hope you are as excited as I am about meeting her later this month!


Darryl Loiacano, Board Co-President


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