Dreamers; an Immigrant Generation’s Fight for Their American Dream, by Eileen Truax

Of the approximately twelve million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., as many as two million came as children.  They grow up here, go through school, and then their home country won’t—in most states—offer financial aid for college or allow them to legally become employed.  The DREAM Act, an initiative that would allow these young people to become citizens if they met certain requirements, was introduced to Congress in 2001; it has yet to be passed.

Eileen Truax offers a gripping, close-up account of the lives of Dreamers.  Through in-depth interviews and participation in their organizations and events, Truax captures their passions and hopes, as well as the heartbreaking challenges that our country’s policies impose on them.

This book is currently displayed on top of People’s library shelves and available to check out.  It will later be found in 325 Tr

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