SmileyOur May 16 meeting (10 am-12 pm, rooms 6/7) will focus on “Happiness”. This meeting’s discussion leader is Pat Nelson.

On a ‘macro’ level, we will look at excerpts from the 2013 United Nations’ “Global Happiness Report”. The first UN high-level meeting on happiness and well-being occurred in April 2012, chaired by the Prime Minister of Bhutan. (Bhutan pioneered the measurement of “Gross Domestic Happiness” in place of “Gross Domestic Product” in 1972.)

This report updates the 2012’s report comparing human happiness levels across countries and considering correlations with public policy. Happiness is thus presented as an ‘end’ worth pursuing. Evidence is also presented for happiness as a means of building healthier and more prosperous societies.

Then, on a ‘micro’ level, participants will be asked to share whatever they would like to about their own levels of happiness, using the reports’ measurements and/or their own, and its consequences in their own and others’ lives.

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