af_cropAs the Altyara Family gets settled into their first school year in America, there are lots of new experiences that they are encountering. It is a joy to watch the twins, Omar and Abdullah come home from school animated and excited. They are learning English very quickly. Before too long, they will be translating for their parents! Moayadd and Molham are settling in at Kalamazoo Central and we are working on more school opportunities for Adham. Right now Fatema, Khaled and Adham are attending English as a Second Language (ESL) classes four days a week.

They all express their gratitude every time we interact with them. People’s Church is their new extended family. Soon there will be opportunities for our church membership to meet the family at a social event.

Our Resettlement Team has identified some needs that the family has:

1. A lawnmower. The lawnmower that was donated to them has broken down and isn’t “fixable”.

2. A small chest type freezer Fatema is feeding 5 hungry boys in addition to herself and husband Khaled. She has expressed a wish for a small chest freezer, so that she doesn’t have to grocery shop so often.

3. Room size rugs are needed for the living room and the basement.

4. As winter is approaching they will need snow shovels.

*If you can donate any of the above items, please contact Mary Tift,, 269-303-4739.

The twins—Abdullah and Omar age 11, grade 5—are in need of math tutors. Tutors need to be familiar with the “new math”; common core curriculum. (They don’t teach math the way we used to learn it!) Perhaps teens who have learned the “new math” would be able to offer after-school tutoring at their home. Contact Neena Marion, 269-685-7593, or, if you are able to help with math tutoring.

There is a continuing need for volunteers to transport family members to ESL classes during the week. Please contact River Artz-Iffland at 269-254-7795 or, if you are available to help out with transportation.

The Core Team thanks everyone who has helped the Altyaras. Many people have volunteered their time, donated household items, and/or made donations. All have made a significant positive impact on the family.

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