The theme for this summer’s services are “Stories That Inspire Us”. Our speakers will share with our community their stories about what experiences or events or people have been most important in helping them to a life of greater meaning. These stories or persons may come from their own personal life, or from history, or from fiction. As is our tradition at People’s Church, the summer services will be structured to allow for audience participation, so that we can all learn more about each other’s stories.  We will meet in Room 19.

Date              Presenter

June 18           Rev. Rachel Lonberg
June 25           Ted Schering
July 2              Rachel Bair
July 9              Megan Reynolds
July 16            Rev. Rachel Lonberg
July 23            Gordon Bolar
July 30            Rochelle Habeck Hunt
August 6         Allen Webb
August 13        Cylis Dreamer
August 20       Rev. Rachel Lonberg
August 27        Marti Peters-Sparling
September 3   Anita Wuoti

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