IMG_0078The People’s Church Transition Team helped lead some small group discussions after the service on Sunday, January 26. These small group discussions are part of an ongoing series in which People’s people will be asked at various times over the next few months to help explore our present, past, and future of our church during this time of transition. These meetings are meant to explore a full range of opinions from church members, not to make congregational decisions.

The session on January 26 focused on our present. Specifically, we discussed in small groups our identity as a church, our strengths, and our needs and challenges. Despite the snow, a group of around 50 people actively engaged in these discussions.

Some (not all!) of the points raised include that people saw our identity as: inclusive, open and welcoming, progressive and liberal, although not as diverse as we might aspire to be. Among the strengths listed were: our outreach for social justice and the wider community; religious education; fundraising; our support for each other, through various pastoral care efforts; our capacity for self-organization. Among our needs and challenges listed were: our needs for a new settled minister; dealing with church growth; our debt and funding needs; need to continuously develop new leadership; adult RE. Many other useful points were also made in addition to these points.

We want to make sure that all of People’s people have an opportunity to bring forth their ideas on the church’s identity, strengths, and needs and challenges.

Thanks for your input. The next all-church Transition meeting, exploring our understanding of our past, will follow the service on Sunday, February 23. That will be followed on March 23 by a discussion of the church’s future.

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