• Jams and jellies – $5
  • Sweet breads – $7 large, $5 medium, $4 small
  • Bagged granola and treat mixes – $6
  • Cookies and brownies – no need to price – will be determined after they are delivered

It is appreciated if items that are dropped off can have a label with the item name and ingredients and any special information (gluten-free, etc), and be priced and packaged for sale. We are not planning to sell frozen items or pasties this year due to the event being outdoors with no freezer availability.

Items can be delivered to Room L-1 (ground level near the front door) any time the church is open (M-Th, 10am – 4 pm). Also, there will be a drop-off table outside during the Open House on September 11 and during church service on September 12 & 19. Baked goods that need to be delivered while they are fresh can be delivered on Friday, September 24th from 4-7pm and on Saturday morning 25th before 9am.

Questions? Contact Lori Rupe or Donna McClurkan.

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