The Study GroupThe Study Group will next be meeting on Monday, September 22nd, at 7:30, in “The Den” at the Fountains. At this meeting, we will be considering what books to read during the 2014-15 church year, and we invite anyone interested to show up and suggest a book for future discussion.  No expertise required, just a willingness to engage and listen in an open-minded discussion.  Some possibilities of books we could read include:

“God Revised: How Religion Must Evolve in a Scientific Age” (by UU minister Galen Guengerich, senior minister at All Souls in NYC), a book which presents ideas for how to revitalize liberal religion;

“Reverence” by Paul Woodruff (a book by a UT-Austin philosopher who discusses why he thinks reverence is so important even to atheists, what he means by reverence, and also discusses concept of reverence in classical Greek culture and in Chinese culture);

“Beautiful Souls” by Eyal Press (a book by a journalist that focuses on profiling 4 persons who took courageous moral actions to resist injustice).

“Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game” (by John Sexton, who is President of NYU, and who apparently teaches a course on spirituality and baseball at NYU, on which this book is based. (Bill Moyers really likes this book, and it has other favorable reviews at Amazon.)

“Practical Wisdom” by two professors at Swarthmore;

“Creating Capabilities” by Martha Nussbaum


Below are links to several reviews on the above books, including Tim Bartik’s reviews:

For more information, contact Tim Bartik at or 269-806-1904.

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