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Bread for the Journey

I am writing this note on Valentine’s weekend, as sub-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions blanket much of eastern North America. Diann and I celebrated Valentines’ Day with a wondrous Greek feast at Theo and Stacy’s. Yesterday I reached two milestones in my ongoing rehabilitation by completing physical therapy and occupational therapy at Bronson Rehab Center.  I am deeply grateful to my family, ministerial colleagues, friends, and to all those at People’s Church for bringing your continuing encouragement and support over the past two months.

We have entered an important season in the life of People’s Church. Our long-term commitment to anti-racism / anti-oppression initiatives reached a milestone last weekend with your enthusiastic participation in our overly-subscribed workshop sponsored by ERAC/CE, and led by Jo Ann Mundy and Lillie Wolff. Our community-focused work in social justice will mark its next milestone on Saturday, March 14 with our participation in the 2015 ISAAC banquet, “On the Road to Justice”. The keynote speaker will be Rev. John C. Welch, recognized for his interfaith work for social justice in Pennsylvania and his leadership of the nationwide Gamaliel Network. The “Rainbow Oblivion” ensemble of musicians from our YRUU group, led by Chris Measzros, continues to prepare high-spirited music—more of which we can anticipate at upcoming Sunday services. Our Ministerial Search Committee is immersed in pre-candidating weekends, during which they will be seeking a ministerial candidate who is the “best-match” to serve our church in the years ahead.

With the recent passing of our friend and long-time member Marjory Spradling (her memorial service will be on March 8), I have re-visited our church’s remarkable 150-year-history and legacy, as recorded on the set of 3 DVDs prepared in 2005 for our church’s Sesquicentennial celebration. Marjory was among hundreds of our predecessors whose dedication to our church paved the way for where we now stand. Their work is now entrusted to us. What promises / commitments shall we make, going forward, in response to the legacies which are now in our hands? How have your lives been transformed by being a part of People’s Church?   How many others’ lives have also been transformed?

March is the month of our annual Stewardship campaign. It’s the season during which we honor the legacy of Marjory Spradling and hundreds of others like her who gave so generously of their time, talents, and treasures that we now have a splendid home—and the opportunity to make our values real in SW Michigan. We are truly companions, sharing our bread for the journey ahead. (The word “companion” means, literally, “with bread”.) Our goal for this campaign is simple: full participation. The most compelling message that we can give to our ministerial candidate in April and May will be to demonstrate 100% participation in stewardship by all stakeholders in People’s Church: voting members, friends, participants in small groups, families with children and youth in RE, occasional attendees:   All stakeholders are a crucial part of our church family.   Regardless of the amount that you decide to pledge, whether 50 cents a day or 25 dollars a day, your being on board will matter, and your voices / values / aspirations constitute our church’s future.   Thanks so much for responding to our Stewardship team during the month of March.   Let get it done, decisively and expeditiously!

See you in church.


Rev. Dave Johnson, Interim Minister
People’s Church of Kalamazoo, 2014-2015

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