shamrocksPeople’s Church will kick off the Stewardship Campaign on Sunday, March 1! Our annual stewardship drive solicits the critical resources of time, talent, and treasure that support all the activities of People’s Church. Our theme this year is “Bread for Our Journey” to recognize that we will be calling a new minister this spring, and welcoming her/him to Kalamazoo over the summer to begin our religious journey together. So be ready to pledge your bread to the cause!

The Budget Hearing will come first. At this meeting, after the service on February 22, the budget requests from throughout the church will be presented. These give us the financial target for the Stewardship Campaign. The preliminary version calls for a five percent increase in pledge income, but we also need to make up for the funds that had to be reallocated from Keep Feeding Our Flame last year.

There will be an opportunity to express your offerings of time and talent to People’s Church this year. A list of current volunteer needs will be provided on the pledge form, as well as an open-ended solicitation for your response.

If you’d like, you can fill out your pledge form online HERE.

We have a very tight schedule in order to conclude the Stewardship Campaign on March 29. This will make it possible for our Search Committee to inform the Ministerial candidate that we have raised the necessary funds for next year and we are ready to go! We want to demonstrate 100% participation in the support of People’s Church, so please get your pledge in as soon as possible in the amount you can call your fair and affordable share. There will be special prizes available to early pledgers! Online pledging and payment is also planned for this Campaign.

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