Bazaar Flyer 2014We need your help in promoting the Bazaar. The Bazaar has become a signature event for our church involving everyone – members and friends – who can lend a hand to help make it happen. We extend this event to the wider Kalamazoo area and surrounding counties. The Bazaar has also become an important help to our church budget, to support our program and our service to others.

Invite people to come to the Bazaar. You can do that by email and include the link to our website or our Facebook page which have all the details. You can post the event on your Facebook page or Tweet about it. You can pick up some of our postcard‐size flyers at church and share them at meetings or post them in a public place. You can call a few friends and invite them to meet you here for lunch in the café. How many new people can you draw to this year’s Bazaar?

Questions? Please contact the church office or email Rochelle Habeck Hunt.
Thank you in advance for making this year’s Holiday Bazaar a success!

Link to Bazaar Flyer

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