One hundred twenty People’s people have signed petitions supporting the Minimum Wage. If you have not had the opportunity, the petitions are still available at the Social Justice table in the upstairs lobby.

Our special collection in April is for the Douglass Community Center, which offers many important services to the northside.  More information is available here.

Loaves and Fishes spring pick-ups will be April 20 and 27.Kal Loaves and Fishes

A good plan to follow:

  1. Watch the ads for specials
  2. Put items on your shopping list
  3. If your kids shop with you, let them pick out the items
  4. Keep L & F goods in separate bags in your vehicle
  5. On April 20, transfer food to Rick Johnson’s truck parked near the entrance
  6. If you forget April 20, try again on the 27th!

Thanks so much! Special need for April is CANNED TUNA.

Lincoln Elementary School

BoxtopHere is another wonderful opportunity to support our on-going connection to Lincoln School! You know those little coupons on General Food products marked BOX TOPS for Education? We are hoping you will clip these and bring them to church so we can add them to Lincoln’s collection.

Look for a container marked COUPONS for LINCOLN SCHOOL on the Social Justice table in the upstairs foyer. Our kids at Lincoln School deserve all we can do for them.

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