Mothers of HopeYour Social Justice Coordinating Committee is winding down to our last Special Offering until fall.  The March collection for the Duane Roberts scholarship netted $1118, showing wonderful support for one of our biggest emphases—education.

The April collection for Lending Hands totaled $742 with perhaps a few more checks to come. Thank you for sustaining our on-going efforts to serve our com-munity.

Our May offering will be for Mothers of Hope,  a new addition that we find most compelling.  This group, begun in 1969 and supported entirely through individual gifts and grant writing, has three main objectives:

  1. offering all women help in establishing stable lives for themselves and their families;
  2. offering support discussion groups for men who help each other by sharing their challenges and how best to overcome them;
  3. offering area teens workshops, summer activities and discussion opportunities to reduce youth violence.  MOH is a locally grown, totally volunteer organization.  To learn more about their efforts, go to  Stephanie Moore, the one and only staff member, and/or her mother, the founder of MOH, will be with us May 10 to answer questions about their programs.

SJCC has agreed to donate $100 for scholarships to campers attending People’s Peace and Nature Camp this summer.

Loaves and Fishes request for May is low salt vegetables.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on SJCC meetings.  The Social Justice Coordinating Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the clubhouse of Parkview Hills.

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