Special Collection

On April 11th we will be holding our Special Collection to benefit Kalamazoo County Ready 4s.

The mission of Kalamazoo County Ready 4s is to advance fully accessible, high-quality pre-kindergarten education for every 3 and 4-year-old in Kalamazoo County through collaborative leadership with public and private providers. Since 2010, KC Ready 4s has been contracting with qualified licensed private preschools, child care centers, and group child care homes that achieve and maintain 4-5 stars as measured by Michigan’s Great Start to Quality.

KC Ready 4s serves all families in Kalamazoo County by providing sliding scale tuition to eligible families.
In non-covid times children in KC Ready 4s 4-year-old programs attend their school 3 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 33 weeks. Children in KC Ready 4s 3-year-old programs attend their school full time, 5 days/week for 33 weeks.

Online Adventure for Lincoln School Tutoring Volunteer

Through our partnership with Lincoln School, Sue Salvat, a recently retired third grade teacher, has been volunteering to help Lincoln School children once a week, working on homework assignments via Google Classroom. Five children are in Sue’s “group” – a first grader, two third graders and two fifth graders. They “show up” on video on Wednesday afternoons at 2:30 and Joseph, the Community in Schools Lincoln School service provider, “meets” with the children and they do a social, emotional learning activity. (Sue reports that one time she had to be a chicken!) At 3:00 Sue begins her tutoring. She asks who has homework and those children who do not have homework (usually 2-3) log-off. Often it will take an ½ hour to help with a child’s worksheet, sometimes Language Arts, sometimes math problems. While Sue is working with the child, Joseph will help another child in the chat. Sue reports that it is fun and interesting and she enjoys it very much. There are challenges – sometimes the kid’s computers “act up” and then they have to be adaptable to keep things going. Even though the school year is nearly over, there is still a great need for online tutors. If you think you have an hour or so once a week to help a child/children at Lincoln, please contact Jeme Baker at jemaileen@yahoo.com.

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