March 14th Special Collection – Community Homeworks

Vision: A community transformed by thriving families in sustainable homes.

We know that low-income families face many challenges and we believe that one of the first steps to moving forward is working to create a more stable and sustainable home environment. Often that starts with addressing critical repairs that a homeowner is not able to afford. But at Community Homeworks we are committed to connecting homeowners to resources and opportunities to make more lasting change.

Mission: Empowering our low-income neighbors to maintain safe, sustainable, and dignified homes.

History: Founded in 2009 with the goal of closing the gaps in post-purchase support for low income homeowners in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, Community Homeworks’ programs are designed to help keep people in their homes and develop homeowner self-sufficiency while ensuring that their homes are safe, decent and sustainable.

Programs: To boost access to affordable home repair services and achieve lasting change, Community Homeworks offers our low-income Kalamazoo neighbors critical repair assistance; weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades; and ongoing education in home maintenance and repair. These three core programs help homeowners stabilize their living conditions in the short-term and connect them to opportunities for more permanent improvement.

The Center for Transformation

The Center for Transformation, the local ex-offender support group, continues to meet via Zoom every Tuesday afternoon at 1:00. Physical contact is still greatly limited, but there are times when members will double mask and assist a parolee who is moving from transitional housing to independent apartment living. Some returning citizens are receiving assistance in the fine art of smart phone use which helps in attending the weekly meetings.

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