ISAAC LogoSJCC meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 10-12 at the Parkview Hills library in the clubhouse. All are welcome! Contact Phil Kramer with questions

Forty People’s people were included in the count of 450 attendees of the ISAAC Public Meeting on October 9th.  ISAAC is a network of twenty diverse congregations and organizations working to build a more just Kalamazoo community (see  Among the speakers were representatives and candidates who were asked to pledge to support the initiatives of the Meeting:  the Youth PROMISE Act—a bill in Congress which will fund locally controlled programs to end youth violence;  Equal Opportunity K-12 Education, for funding that meets the actual costs of children served with special needs, from poverty, and English language learners; support for Raising Kalamazoo County, an initiative to better meet the comprehensive needs of early childhood families;  and Public Metro transit on Sundays.  Enthusiasm for these initiatives was sparked by lively speeches and skits presented by school children and commitments made by public officials.

Welcome and thanks to the newest volunteers who signed up to participate on our team of mentors at Lincoln School. This doubles the number of us who enhance the education of Lincoln’s kids. AND because of the generous response to the September special collection, we are able to give eighteen teachers $60 each for their out of pocket expenses.  We are often told how much this means to the teachers. Thank you to People’s people!

Our special collection for October yielded over $400 for Peace House, the small but growing community of support for children in eastside neighborhoods.

Our November special collection will be taken on November 9th for Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC), a resource for advocates seeking equal justice for Michigan’s immigrants. Their new funding challenge is to match a grant meant to hire two attorneys to represent child migrants (kids who arrived alone in the US) in immigration court. We will be telling you more before the offering.

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