1. There are four ushers—one stationed at each of the three entrances on the west side of the Commons, and one at the entrance on the north side. Please verify with office by Wednesday that you are planning to be an usher. Arrive one-half hour before service (10:15 a. m. during the regular church year, 9:30 a. m. during the summer). If an usher isn’t available to be at the north entrance to the Commons, one of the other ushers needs to be prepared to assist people coming in that entrance. North entrance ushers are especially needed to assist people who may need help finding seats. Assist with helping people find seats until 11:00 a.m.
  1. Distribute hymnals on every other chair and check that chairs are orderly and properly configured, and that the floor under the chairs is generally clean and tidy.
  1. Distribute the order of service and act as greeters at the main commons entry. Ensure a supply of order of service handouts is available at each commons entrance. Encourage people to move toward the front, and into the middle of the sections. Assist latecomers in finding seats. If needed, try to introduce a visitor to a non-visitor, to sit with.
  1. Ring bell about two minutes before the service begins. It can be found near the contribution box at the center entrance to the Commons.
  1. After the service begins, close the main entrance doors and assist latecomers to find seats, though the side doors.
  1. Assist with taking up the offering. Make sure the offering baskets are collected in one place and handed directly to those counting the money in the database manager’s office after the offering.
  1. After the service, assist with storing hymnals and tidy up the commons area.
  1. The job is done when the service ends, but ushers are encouraged to greet people in the foyer after the service.

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