1. There are two greeters—one in the lobby at the front entrance, and one at the back door. Please verify with office by Wednesday that you will greet. Be at your station at 10:15 during the regular year, or 9:15 during the summer (one half-hour before the service). The minister will check-in with you around 10:20.
  1. Wear your nametag and a carnation. Carnations are located at the visitor’s desk.
  1. While greeting try to achieve a balance between false enthusiasm and not being friendly enough. Think how you would like to be greeted—with respect, interest, acceptance, and warmth.
  1. The more often you are a greeter the easier it will be to recognize who is a regular member and who is a newcomer. Instead of asking “Are you new?” you might try an expressions like “I’m not sure if we’ve met…I’m _________.”
  1. Introduce newcomers to one of the volunteers at the visitors’ desk downstairs but reinforce what that desk does by letting newcomers know that we have printed material for them not only about Unitarian Universalism but specifically about our church.
  1. Direct visitors with children to the RE Greeter, who is usually stationed at the top of the stairs.
  1. Be on the lookout for anyone who may need assistance, so as to open the door or offer help. Let visitors know about our elevator and coat area if they could be of use.
  1. Remember that most of our visitors already know something about Unitarian Universalism and therefore they are looking for a caring community. We need to show them that we do indeed care about them.
  1. Stay at your station until 10:50. Greeters are highly encouraged to greet people in the foyer after the service
  1. Remember the date you have agreed to be a greeter. Invite others to join you.

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