The following people have been nominated by the church Nominating Committee to serve on the Board of Trustees: Don Miller, Zoë Valette, and Stephanie Measzros. The election will occur at the Annual Meeting on May 15, 2016.

Chris Schleuder, church administrator, is accepting nomination petitions for the Board of Trustees and for the Nominating Committee until April 17. Nominees must be supporting members. Petitions must contain the signatures of at least five supporting members, the candidate having consented.

The Board of Trustees consists of 9 members, 3 elected each year for 3-year terms. They must be supporting members for at least 2 months. The board meets monthly. They have general charge of the property, the conduct of all business affairs and the administration of the church and its policies as detailed in Article VI of the Constitution, available in the Member section of the church website.

The Nominating Committee shall nominate one candidate for each vacancy on the Board of Trustees. The slate shall be published in the Church Newsletter (or otherwise in writing and/or by electronic transmission to the congregation) at least six weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. After publication, other candidates may be nominated by petitions containing the signatures of at least five supporting members, (the candidate having consented). The petitions must be received by the Church Administrator at least four weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. Candidates must be supporting members and not members of the Nominating Committee. Current members of the board of trustees must wait one year after their term expires before running again.

The Nominating Committee consists of 7 members, 2 elected each year for a 3-year term, and 1 appointed each year by the Board of Trustees from those who have most recently completed service on the board. The Nominating Committee is tasked with nominating people to serve on the Board of Trustees, the Nominating Committee, the Ministerial Search Committee (if needed) and shall assist the Board of Trustees in appointing members to other functions or church committees in the manner and form requested.

Petitions to serve on the Nominating Committee must contain the signatures of five supporting members, the candidate having accepted, and be received 4 weeks before the annual meeting.


Stephanie Measzros

Stephanie MeaszrosStephanie Measzros has been attending People’s Church since 1999. She is married to Chris, and has 2 daughters, Eliza (20) and Isabel (16), all of whom are active in church. Stephanie has always been involved with the RE Program, as a teacher and Specialty Class coordinator, and as a fund raiser for YRUU trips. She has served on the RE Committee twice, chaperoned the 2012 YRUU Boston trip, and is scheduled to chaperone the Youth at this year’s General Assembly in Columbus, OH. Stephanie has served on the Aesthetics and Music Committees, and chaired the Women’s Retreat Committee for 10 years. She frequently plays flute in Sunday services, and supports Chris and their daughters in their music contributions, too. Stephanie holds a Master’s in Music Education and a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy, from WMU. She is a K-5 Music teacher at El Sol Elementary, and teaches private flute lessons at Crescendo Academy. Stephanie says, “I love attending People’s Church because I can be myself here, and so can everyone else! I look forward to serving on the Board of this special gem in our community.”


Don Miller

Don MillerDon Miller has been a member of People’s Church for about fifteen years.  His wife, Wendy Dawson and he first came here as they had heard good things about the religious education program and wanted that for our boys.  All three of them benefited immeasurably!   And his involvement with volunteering began in RE, wanting to give back to the Church for what he received. Don began teaching OWL with the middle schoolers and then teaching YRUU. People’s Church has brought out the baker in him and he has helped develop the pasty tradition as a regular part of the Fall Bazaar.  He has worked on several committees. He has served on the Board before and has been a member of the Transition Team.  His latest church involvement has been serving as a member of the Search Committee.   Don’s hopes for People’s Church is that we continue to maximize the use of all our creative energies to live out our highest values, growing in love and justice amongst ourselves and in the wider community.


Zoë Valette

Zoe ValetteZoë Valette is a third-generation UU and has attended People’s Church for most of her life. Her parents met at a singles group hosted by the church, and she met her own husband, Steve Dibble, at a membership Sunday at church several years ago. Zoë grew up in our R.E. program, moved away after high school, and returned to the area and the church later in her 20s. Last year she had the privilege of chairing our Search Committee, and has previously served on the Transition Team, Social Justice Coordinating Committee, and worked at our Holiday Bazaar. As an adult in our church, Zoë has spent several years as one of the high school group facilitators, and has twice served as a high school OWL facilitator. Much of her time is spent at home with her two girls, Hayden, 3.5, and Harlow, 9 months; she also works part time as a birth doula, coordinates a local babywearing group, and is a fiber artist and instructor. Her hope for People’s Church is that we will continue to be an open, welcoming, vibrant religious community with a strong social justice focus and that we will be able to adapt to meet the changing needs of our current and potential members.

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