Gratitude for Fellow Seekers on the Path

As Unitarian Universalists, our beliefs vary about how we think the world works, where we come from and what happens after we die. Since we share no creeds about these matters we must each discern for ourselves what we do or don’t believe.

As several members of our church community have died this winter, we don’t find comfort together on where we think these folks will spend the afterlife. Instead we gather together to honor their lives, our memories of them and the love they shared while they were here.

What we do offer each other is comfort, community and connection in times of sorrow and times of joy as well as all of those moments in between.  Life is hard and it contains much struggle and pain as well as exquisite joy and bliss. Having true companions can often make the difference in the quality of our life experiences and how we cope with them.

One of the goals of our religious education program for children and youth is to support one another as we work together to raise young people with a moral compass that points toward generosity, justice, kindness and love. We offer them a community in which to blossom and grow.

While each of us needs to discern for ourselves the meaning and mysteries of life and death, we do offer a strong community of fellow seekers to help guide and support one another as we travel on the religious path.

UUism is not a religion for the masses, as we offer no simple or pat answers to hard questions. As we move along this road less traveled, may we recognize the treasure of having companions with whom to journey through the ups and down, twists and turns of this wild and precious life.

As we begin the new year, may we notice and express appreciation for our fellow seekers and the connections we share as they often serve to enrich our lives and make the journey easier to bear.

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

Feeding the Soul of the Resistance
Young Adult Con – Jan. 12-14

 All 18-35-year-old young adults are invited to join us for a weekend Young Adult Unitarian Universalist Conference. Enjoy young adult worship, workshops & coffee house, as well as time to rest and relax in a welcoming and inclusive community. Opportunities abound to make connections and deepen relationships.

As the climate is changing and the political realm is leaving many of us in despair, let us gather together to feed our spirits to help us navigate and cope with the current atmosphere in the world today.

Participate in anti-racism & environmental activism workshops as well as yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Together we can explore how to find the balance between caring for ourselves and overturning the dominant paradigm. Yoga, mindfulness, art, games, laughter and fun together are anti-dotes to stress and burn out.

As we resist the policy changes taking place in our government, each in our own ways, it is helpful to gather together to commiserate, collaborate and gain strength from one another.

Sliding Fee Scale from $25-$75 depending on what you can afford. Register HERE.

Check out the Facebook Event Page  for more information.


Feeding the Young Adults – Fri Jan 12th

Anyone who is willing to bring a dish for Friday night’s dinner for the young adult con, please drop off items at church by 7:30 PM on Friday night January 12th.  Vegetarian and vegan items are especially appreciated. Please label the ingredients in your dishes.

InCONsistent: A High School CON
January 26-28 at People’s Church

Our high school youth group is hosting a district youth conference for all 9-12 graders. Register now to enjoy a weekend of excellent youth worship, workshops, good food, coffee house, and small groups.

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