The Resistance

hopeIn the aftermath of our presidential election, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to go on.  In the midst of overwhelming sadness and grief, somehow I need to get up everyday and continue to do the work.  And now the work for peace and justice is needed more than ever in this new world.

Moving through grief seems to be the theme of 2016 for me.  Grieving the passing of my brother, Bo and my cats has taught me much about not taking moments for granted in my one wild and precious life.

In time I am sure there are lessons I can learn from grieving the results of the presidential election as well.   Meanwhile I am struggling to grapple with all the ramifications of this election and continue to deal with feelings of anger, sorrow and despair.

As a Unitarian Universalist I do believe in Standing on the Side of Love whenever possible. I also believe that the resistance to the policies and plans of the new administration must be rooted in love.

As disheartened as I feel by all the hateful responses to the election, I appreciate Michelle Obama’s sentiments, “When they go low, we go high.”  Taking the high road on the path toward justice is the essence of UUism.

One of the results of this election is that it has popped a little liberal bubble many of my friends have admitted to living in.  So many people were flabbergasted by the outcome of the election because they were unaware of how widespread the depth of the racism, homophobia and misogyny is.

My hope is that this will prompt more people to seek to understand systemic racism and the role it plays in trying to maintain the status quo. By more deeply understanding our own biases and how we can work toward positive change will benefit everyone in the long run.

Meanwhile I think we just need to go back to the basics to figure out how to cope each day as we navigate this scary new world: Be kind to one another, stand up for each other, and let all we do be done with Love.  May it be so.

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

The Value of Unitarian Universalist Religious Education

mwc-itemsActive participation in RE at People’s Church is one act of resistance.  Raising children and youth immersed in our UU faith, principles and values can offer hope for the future.

Attendance and participation in our RE classes is currently at an all time high. Our Harry Potter Social Justice curriculum is exactly the type of counter measure needed to promote justice and inclusion in our world today.

The whole congregation is invited to participate in our collection drives that run through December 18th. These are to provide opportunities for action to correlate with our learning unit on poverty.  One drive will provide members at Ministry with Community with toiletries needed to provide cleanliness and dignity to folks in our community struggling with poverty.

The other drive is to collect warm clothes to help recent refugee families in our community prepare for a Michigan Winter.  Needed items include new or very gently used winter coats of all sizes, scarves, hats, and mittens.  Please leave these items in the bins in the Lower Lobby of church through December 18th.

Ministry with Community Wish List:

Deodorant (travel size)
Two-Bladed Razors
Lotion (travel size)
Feminine Products
Lip Balm
Shampoo (travel size)
Conditioner (travel size)
Soap (travel size)
Shaving Cream


Young Adult Retreat in January

The Young Adults are planning a Weekend Con Retreat for their fellow Young Adults (18-35 years of age). It will be held over MLK weekend, Friday January 13th till Sunday the 15th. All Young Adults are welcome to attend. There will be workshops and worships scheduled so anticipate to be filled with spiritual wholeness and knowledge. Bring bedding and any medications that you will need. Other things to bring would be games, cards, pajamas, a water bottle, ideas, and your wonderful selves. Come on out and Contact Mackenzie (269.779.2111) or the Kalamazoo Young Adult UU Facebook page for more information.

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