YRUU 2015October Musings

What a glorious start to the new church year. It is with great joy that we gather in community all together once again each week. We come together for many reasons.

Whether we come to gather inspiration, seek comfort, celebrate our joys, share our sorrows, enjoy fellowship, receive spiritual nourishment, eat and sing together or savor the company of all ages, we each get something different from our shared time together on Sundays.

It is the diversity of the people that makes this community so rich. I love that we are open to a variety of theological perspectives and beliefs. As a Welcoming congregation we are open to a spectrum of gender and sexual identities. As a Green Sanctuary congregation, we work to minimize our ecological footprint on the earth.

As a congregation that makes social justice a priority, we work together to create a more just world which includes overturning systemic racism by examining our own biases as well as those inherent in our structures at church and in our society at large.

People’s Church is a place where diverse people come together for many reasons. At the heart of it for me is the opportunity People’s provides to learn, grow and be challenged. When I start getting too comfortable in my worldview or perspectives, I often hear a different view or idea that helps to keep my heart and mind open.

I often have opportunities to work on being the best version of my highest self. Instead of taking the easy path of pettiness when frustrated, I feel supported in being authentic and speaking my truth to remain in right relations with those around me. There are so many places in life where this is not true.

I am grateful for this amazing community of people who come from different walks of life yet despite our many differences, are willing and able to be open and understanding and seek common ground as we work together to live in right relations with ourselves, each other and the earth. It is a gift much needed in the world.

It is an honor and a blessing to serve this congregation.

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director


Upcoming Activities for Children and Youth

Opportunities abound for fun and fellowship!

Oct. 3-4 – 7/8th Grade OWL Sleepover
Oct. 11 – Youth Group for 9-12th grades 2:00-4:00 pm
Oct. 9-11 – 6-8th Grade Mystic Lake Retreat
Oct. 9-11 – 9-12th Grade Chaplaincy Training
Oct. 11 – Child Dedication in Sunday Service
Oct. 23-25 – 9-12th grade Contagious Fall Con
Nov. 6 – Elementary Sleepover for 1st-6th graders


Child Dedication Ceremony – Oct. 11, 2015

If you are interested in having your baby or child dedicated in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, here is an opportunity.

In this ceremony, we announce the name of each child to this community, and thereby declare that each child is an individual, a unique and separate person, with a dignity and life of his or her own. Our wish is that these children will become truly authentic selves, full of purpose, free, and self-possessed. It is our hope that the best of us will live on in our children, that they will carry on our strivings for peace and human kindness and beauty to all whom they may encounter in the world.

This dedication ceremony asks the church community to help in the raising of these children to provide love and support to help them reach their full potential. A rose dipped in water is used to dedicate their thoughts, words and deeds to the long standing UU heritage of beauty, truth and goodness. Each child is then welcomed in the community of all souls, with the hope that their lives will be of love and service.

Please let Diane Melvin know if you would like your child(ren) to participate in this ceremony at 375-3262 or re@peopleschurch.net.

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